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Kentucky Performance Products

KPP, KERX and Brooks specialty feeds and supplements are also available for direct shipment.
  • Contribute

    Omega 3 supplement from flax & fish oil.

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    • Elevate Liquid

      Easy dose natural Vitamin E in liquid form.

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      • Elevate Powder

        A natural source of Vitamin E for daily supplementation.

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        • Elevate Se

          Powdered Natural Vitamin E with selenium for daily use.

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          • Endura-Max

            Electrolytes with calcium & magnesium for endurance horses. Daily supplement or tube.

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            • Equi-Jewel

              A source of fat and digestible fibre from rice bran.

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              • Joint Armor

                Support for joint function with glucosamine, chondroitin & HA.

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                • Ker-A-Form

                  Improve hoof health.

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                  • Metaboleeze

                    A source of chromium, B-complex vitamins and organic trace minerals.

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                    • Micro-Phase

                      Concentrated Mineral/Vitamin Topdress with natural Vitamin E.

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                      • Myo-Guard

                        Antioxidant support for the muscular system of hard working horses.

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                        • Neigh-Lox

                          Supports normal digestive function my maintaining normal stomach pH.

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                          • Neigh-Lox Advanced

                            Supports normal digestive function by maintaining normal stomach pH and a healthy hindgut.

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                            • ProbioticPlus

                              Supports overall intestinal health and maintains a robust population of hindgut microflora in horses.

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                              • Summer Games Electrolyte

                                Concentrated electrolyte supplement for performance horses. Daily supplement or tube.

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                                • Trouble Free

                                  Trouble Free is scientifically formulated to help your horse maintain a more confident, focused, and relaxed disposition.

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