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new logo 2023Brooks Feeds would like to thank our growing client base for helping to make us an important part of the equine nutrition industry.  We’re proud to be a Canadian owned and operated business focused on offering top quality feeds to the equine market. 


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Providing a balanced ration that meets the specific needs of your horse is your best assurance of performance and ongoing soundness and health. Learn more about our Feeding Guidelines or contact us to receive a free interactive feeding recommendation.

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About Brooks Performance Horse Feeds

The unique characteristic of Brooks Horse Feed staff is our complete focus on the equine industry and our dedication to producing the highest quality feeds in Canada. While proud to be a Canadian owned company, our association with a network of research and consulting professionals around the world is your assurance of quality and performance. 

The Brooks Hoofbeat Newsletter

The Brooks Hoofbeat Newsletter is provided by Brooks Performance Horse Feeds. Please check back now and again for the latest issue, spotlighting Brooks success stories, feed recommendations and other news.