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We can meet each horse’s essential nutritional requirements

Brooks Feed Store has long been dedicated to the production of high-quality horse feeds for the horse owners of Ontario and more recently in Quebec. Brooks has strived to produce feeds using only the finest ingredients and the utmost attention to detail.

Whether your horse is a competitive athlete, a pleasure horse, or a broodmare with a new foal by her side, the need for proper nutrition is paramount. With a carefully controlled feeding program, you can meet each horse’s essential nutritional requirements. A Brooks Feeding program incorporates only the highest quality ingredients into nutritionally balanced formulas that meet the specific requirements of each discipline. By joining forces with Kentucky Equine Research, Brooks brings you the latest technology and nutritional information necessary to formulate leading edge feeds.

Brooks has the right product to best suit your horse’s nutrient needs from growth to backyard to the highest levels of competition. When you use a Brooks Ration you can be confident your horse is getting a healthy cost effective concentrate to supplement pasture or hay.

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Quality Control

Brooks Equine Nutrition takes great pride in the quality of the feeds it produces. It is the goal of Brooks staff to produce the best quality horse feeds in Canada. A major component of this commitment is the guarantee that all feeds manufactured by Brooks Equine Nutrition products come from mills that are free of any and all drugs. In addition customer satisfaction is guaranteed.