Kentucky Performance Products

Kentucky Performance Products (KPP)

The Horse That Matters to You Matters to Us® KPP horse supplements provide solutions to the everyday challenges facing your horse. They are affordable, guaranteed, and research-proven.

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Elevate® Se

A Proprietary Blend of Natural Vitamin E and Organic Selenium Yeast.

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Elevate® Maintenance Powder

Leading the way in natural vitamin E supplementation.

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Elevate® W.S.

Fast-acting, water-soluble, natural Vitamin E.

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Summer Games®

Replenishes critical electrolytes in the proper ratios. Supports drinking and maintains hydration.

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Adds beneficial omega-3 fatty acids to your horse’s diet.

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Micro-Phase TM

Low in calories, high in nutrients, Micro-Phase is scientifically formulated for the easy keeper in your

Metaboleeze 25lb


A source of chromium for horses with metabolic issues.

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Daily antioxidant support for stronger, more resilient muscles.

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Beautiful hair coat, luxurious mane and tail, strong resilient hooves.

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Joint ArmorTM

Supports soundness and maintains healthy joints.

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Supports a healthy, normally functioning stomach.

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Neigh-Lox® Advanced

Maintains a healthy digestive tract in horses of all ages.

trouble free kpp product

Trouble Free Powder

Maintains calmness so horses are ready to face any situation.

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Endura-Max TM

Electrolyte supplement for endurance horses.