Phase III

Phase III

Balanced energy, ultimate performance for hard working performance horses!

Available Textured or Pelleted

Phase III is a performance feed for horses active in high intensity, high energy disciplines. While a blend of energy sources is included, rapidly available carbohydrates are emphasized to support maximum speed and power. Phase III also has added fat to substantially increase the overall energy level. Many top trainers have demonstrated the performance quality, the palatability, and the total nutritional value of Phase III. Horses take to Phase III readily and stay on it through rigorous training and competition.

Guaranteed Analysis

This analysis is based upon the Textured product

Crude Protein (min.) 12.00 %
Crude Fat (min.) 8.00 %
Crude Fibre (max.) 15.00 %
Calcium (act.) .75 %
Phosphorus (act.) .55 %
Magnesium (act.) .31%
Sodium (act.) .43 %
Vitamin A (min.) 11050 IU/KG.
Vitamin D (min.) 1105 IU/KG.
Vitamin E (min.) 315 IU/KG.
Selenium (min. added) .45 ppm.

Manufactured in Canada in a drug-free environment.

Horse Feed
Horse Feed



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